Solutions, not just services

Wessex Partners focuses on delivering solutions for its clients which goes beyond the successful completion of retained search mandates. We work with a select number of clients and develop a deep understanding of their culture, philosophy, history, strategy and development plans.

By constantly committing ourselves to the highest quality of service, we create a powerful partnership which allows us to promote businesses on an ongoing basis, as well as during specific searches.

We pride ourselves on being outstanding at connecting the dots, be it people, firms or capital. In short, we love being helpful to our network in any way we can.

Executive Search

Our primary service is undertaking mandated searches on behalf of our clients. Our processes are research-intensive, bespoke and designed to identify the strongest candidates in the market. We will also go the extra mile to deliver diverse short lists.

We work relentlessly to manage candidates through an interview process and ultimately to secure their successful extraction from their existing firms. This is a personal process and clients and candidates will always work directly with an experienced partner who is a specialist in their field, supported by a dedicated execution team.

Market/Competitor Mapping

Our team is experienced in mapping both businesses and individual teams to identify their structure, strategy, organisation and capabilities. Our clients often turn to us to:

  • Define a talent pool – often ahead of a search, but also to identify future talent to track, or to justify a hire.
  • Understand the dynamics, capabilities and cultural fit of a business which may be an acquisition target.
  • Gain a perspective on their competitive landscape: how the competition position themselves, structure their teams or which areas they’re developing.
  • Perform general human capital planning: mapping a firm’s own capabilities – identifying ‘key people’ risk and build contingency or succession plans.


As a firm, we feel strongly about Diversity & Inclusion and want to play our part in driving change across the financial services industry.

We believe that diverse and inclusive teams create better workplaces, make better investment decisions and are more successful in attracting and retaining talented staff. We always encourage our clients to be proactive in cultivating talent both within and outside of their organisations that is inclusive of cultural, gender, ethnic and socio economic diversity. Please click here to view our latest White Paper on D&I and here to view our most recent discussion piece with senior women in Leveraged Finance.

Private Markets Capital Raising & Deal Placement

We enjoy working with ‘start-ups’ and emerging fund managers across the private markets space. Through Wessex Capital Partners, we mobilise our network to help them to build their businesses, including helping to raise capital/deal placement, finding them strategic equity partners and introducing them to potential buyers. We pride ourselves on being outstanding at connecting the dots, be it people, firms or capital.

Executive coaching

We offer our clients’ senior executives the opportunity to work with a specialist executive coach. This would typically take place at the onset of their engagement to help them navigate their transition into their role better, hence reducing the risk of them not delivering or not integrating well enough.

Our executive coach combines her 30 years’ experience in the financial sector with her systemic coaching expertise in two main areas. Firstly, helping executives face their new challenges and develop new opportunities, while exploring their blind spots to optimise performance. Secondly, assisting international companies in integrating and developing their female executives, allowing them to thrive in their professional roles.

Compensation Benchmarking

In a competitive hiring landscape, we understand that clients need to position compensation carefully both to retain and incentivise key team members and to understand how to remunerate and attract new hires.

This includes total compensation, the breakdown and construction of compensation (particularly in the new regulatory environment) and additional benefits associated with employment.

Wessex Partners is also an investor in, the leading crowdsourced pay data platform in financial and professional services. For more information on how Emolument can help you benchmark how you remunerate your teams against your direct peers, get in touch with: