Specialist executive
search & advisory

Private Markets & Investment Banking

The new generation

Wessex Partners is an executive search and advisory firm headquartered in London. We belong to the new generation of firms who want to make a true difference to the clients they work with and the world of financial services at large.

We are specialists. This means we do not try to be all things to all people. We know where we are strong and can add immediate value, which is why we will never take on an assignment in an area we feel you would be better served by another firm.

We operate across three highly complementary areas: credit, private equity and advisory. We know this ecosystem incredibly well which gives us unparalleled access to the key stakeholders.

Deep research

Our clients value our deep research approach to each mandate. They appreciate the level of insight we bring to our searches, giving them the highest level of confidence that they are hiring the very best and diverse talent.

We believe research is about truly understanding the competitive environment our clients operate in and the relevant talent pools. Wessex Partners prides itself on having a real understanding of candidates’ capabilities, why they may or may not fit the brief and their motivations. This is not an exact science and we take the time to make sure absolutely no stone is left unturned and will always turn our attention to less obvious pockets of talent to ensure the most comprehensive coverage.

Energy and dedication

We run processes with the utmost energy and dedication: we make sure that we keep up the momentum throughout the process and do not stop unless and until a successful outcome is secured. Moreover, we care deeply about our clients; this level of care and attention is exemplified by the longevity of our relationships.

We are often asked to secure ‘mission critical’ hires for clients where the market perception of their brand is out of date. Since perception is reality, we use the opportunity of every search process to rectify the message and see ourselves as ambassadors with a duty to present our clients’ story in the best possible light. Every candidate should leave the process, whether successful or not, with a positive impression. To this end, we also treat everyone with personal and professional courtesy.

Solutions, not just services