Talent Insights: ESG across Investment Banking & Private Equity

Navigating the Junior Talent Landscape in 2023 White Paper

Delivering the Energy Transition

Wessex Q&A with Matt Hammond, Partner at Foresight Group – the Leading Infrastructure and Private Equity Investment Manager.

Delivering the Energy Transition: Tipping Points and Points of Singularity

Opportunities for the global investment community as well as challenges and barriers to future implementation.

Debt pays highest annual remuneration among alternative assets

From our partners at Emolument.

The Promotion Challenge: from Specialist to Leader

How senior executives deal with transitions, especially promotions, and the challenges they face.

Board Effectiveness: The Next Level of Value Creation

The challenges associated with value creation drive us all in Private Equity (PE). Any investment professional is eager to make their mark by delivering superior returns. But what sets them apart?

Championing Diversity in 2020 and Beyond…

“It is now generally accepted that Diverse teams create better workplaces, make better investment decisions and are more successful in attracting and retaining talented staff.”

Women in the Workplace: Pay, Perceptions and Opportunities

Wessex Partners and pay data platform Emolument.com partnered on a global survey called ‘Women @ Work: are things really changing?’.

Female bankers say they are paid less than men in the same jobs

Survey casts doubt on claims the sector’s yawning pay gap is due to a lack of women in senior roles.